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Total Cost of Ownership Success Begins (or Ends) with Your Equipment

Total Cost of Ownership Success Begins (or Ends) with Your Equipment

Originally posted on Nordson Asymtek Blog

Lower cost.  Everyone wants it. There are many ways to reach it. On the surface, a low initial purchase price seems like the obvious solution.  But is that really the best way to control cost? Savvy buyers look at the total cost of ownership to maximize their return on investment. They know that initial cost is only one part of the purchasing equation.


Look Below the Surface

In addition to the purchase price, a total cost of ownership calculation should include the cost of operation, maintenance, support, and potential productivity over the life span of the equipment. Additional factors that you might consider include consumable and potential downtime related costs. Expertly designed equipment delivers total cost of ownership benefits for every application – from long-term, continuous automotive and medical manufacturing to quick-turn mobile device and PCBA applications alike. Robust, upgradeable equipment delivers long-term dependability with opportunities for reuse, redeployment, and adaptation to changing application requirements. Ultimately, these factors combine to give you full control over total cost of ownership improvement year-after-year.

Let’s consider an example:

You’ve just integrated several new dispensing platforms into your production line. The purchase was based mainly on initial price. Although you’ve secured most of the functionality you need, there are some key functions that are still not working after installation. But you’re reassured by your supplier’s offer to provide five full-time, onsite engineers to keep your process running efficiently. Things seem to be moving along nicely, and you’re meeting your production targets. But what happens when…

  • Your warranty or service contract expires?
  • The dedicated onsite engineers leave?
  • You encounter extensive downtime due to an application challenge?
  • Frequent maintenance or replacement parts are required?
  • Rework is increasing?
  • Your application requirements change in the second or third year of production?


Focus on Total Cost of Ownership to Future-Proof Your Process

Move beyond the purchase price. If you assess all total cost of ownership factors during the procurement process, you can avoid unplanned cost and achieve ongoing production success. Nordson provides a variety of dispensing solutions to lower your total cost of ownership, and that includes our award-winning global application support. Since 1954, Nordson has delivered high-quality technology solutions to help customers succeed worldwide.

The Forte™ Series, our newest dispensing platform, coupled with the award-winning IntelliJet® Jetting System offer world-class cost reduction and productivity features including:

  • Improved cost-of-ownership, equivalent or better accuracy and 20-50% higher productivity over the top selling Spectrum® II.
  • Blazing speed for point-to-point moves – matching our most advanced fluid dispensing system at 1.5 G
  • Higher productivity and accuracy with simultaneous dual-valve jetting and patented* real-time correction for X, Y, and Z-axis substrate skew
  • Reduced operator maintenance and intervention with standard integrated dual-valve service station, patented closed-loop process controls and nozzle cleaning rail
  • Maximized production floor efficiency – space saving footprint
  • Flexible range of applications: Flex circuit assembly, PCBA, EMA, MEMS, Underfill, Precise Coating ,and Encapsulation


*Nordson US Patents 9,707,584 and 10,150,131 and other patents pending.

To learn more, contact us at asktheexperts@nordsonasymtek.com.

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