TOPSERV & TOPGEBER Cables Receive UL-Certified Temperature Upgrade

HELUKABEL, one of the leading global manufacturers and suppliers of cable, wires and accessories, announced today that their entire TOPSERV and TOPGEBER product portfolio of servomotor power and feedback cables are receiving a heat-resistance upgrade from 80°C to 90°C. The company is the first European manufacturer to obtain this certified UL style.

Currently, the UL style market standard is 80°C. From a technical perspective though, higher heat resistance has its advantages especially since conductor temperatures in motor applications and the surrounding environments, such as motor terminal boxes, often exceed 80°C. “Higher heat resistance allows for a longer service life,” asserts Thomas Pikkemaat, business manager at the Windsbach plant and drive technology product manager at HELUKABEL. Following intensive testing, HELUKABEL is able to confirm that thermal stability up to 90°C for over 30,000 hours was achieved.

“Over the past few years, we have been optimizing our insulation materials and manufacturing methods,” Pikkemaat explains. “Today we use special polypropylene (PP) materials for the conductor insulation that can withstand temperatures up to 110°C.” For the servo and feedback cable jackets, HELUKABEL uses polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyurethane (PUR). PUR has many advantages in dynamic drag chain applications where continuous flexing and high abrasion resistance are paramount.

HELUKABEL’s TOPSERV and TOPGEBER products will be available in 90°C UL styles beginning in November. The upgrade will be seamless since customers will be able to order using existing part numbers. Aside from the new jacket marking, there are no additional technical changes.


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