TopLine Sees Growing Interest in CCGAs at NEPCON China as PCBA Makers Seek Greater Reliability

Irvine California, USA TopLine, a manufacturer and designer of component solutions and test vehicles for SMT/PCB assembly, exhibited at the recent NEPCON China conference and exhibition in Shanghai and noted a number of significant new directions in thinking with regard to component reliability, quality, and thermal management issues.

”There is growing Interest in CCGA Column Grid Array packages in China,” states Martin Hart, TopLine’s CEO. “It’s about reliability. I was impressed by the number of prospective customers visiting the TopLine booth who were seeking increased reliability by selecting CCGA packages because of the CCGA’s ability to reduce stress directly caused by CTE mismatch.”

Participation in the show was TopLine’s 5th straight year at NEPCON China in Shanghai. Featured products included CCGA Column Grid Arrays and Daisy Chain BGA test vehicles. “People are increasingly discovering the benefits that solder columns provide to reduce stress caused by CTE mismatch when interconnecting area array packages and the PC board,” Hart added.

TopLine’s CCGA Column Grid Array IC packages are made with non-collapsible high-temperature solder columns for Surface Mount (SMT) soldering on Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). CCGA packages provide more compliancy than BGA solder balls (Ball Grid Arrays) to absorb stress caused by CTE mismatch and increase solder joint reliability under harsh operating conditions.

In addition, Hart noted an encouraging trend in improved perspective among electronics assemblers and packagers in China, in that “China continues to show evidence of migration away from copying low-end products. Instead, they’re progressing toward producing high reliability systems.” Increasing knowledge about the benefits of solder columns and how to incorporate them into current and future products will aid this progress, Hart concludes. TopLine has been active in promoting its products in the China market for more than 20 years. For more information, and a quick chart of TopLine CCGA products, visit