TopLine PID Vibration Damping Technology was a Hit at APEX; But TopLine’s Kid Needs a Name  

Irvine California, USA – TopLine’s 21st time exhibiting at the IPC/APEX Expo, this time in San Diego, California, marked the roll-out of the company’s new patented Particle Impact Dampers (PID) technology, which was well-received by attendees who have been looking for a way to mitigate or curb the harmful effects of random vibration in electronic components and assemblies.

Particle Impact Dampers reduce harmful vibration and extend hardware life and reliability. As part of the product roll-out, a PID informational video and demonstration were held continuously in the booth over the duration of the show. TopLine created a new web site showing a 2-minute YouTube video showing how the PID works; Please visit www.Vibration.Engineering.

PID is a COTS commercially-available standard solution, suitable for retrofitting and hardening heritage hardware in the field. PIDs can be solder attached like ordinary components or attached to the board using permanent epoxy adhesive. TopLine’s Particle Impact Dampers were invented at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center.

The theme for the PID product launch was illustrated, in part, by the image of a scholarly-looking young lad playing with a Newton’s Cradle, a device that demonstrates conservation of momentum and energy using a series of swinging spheres.

At one point, it was suggested by a trade magazine editor that the young lad, referred to as only “The Vibration Kid,” needed an actual name, and why not ask TopLine’s friends and interested parties to help name him? “Well, if you ask me, he looks like an Andrew,” said one magazine’s advertising sales manager. But more than one person’s input is needed, suggests TopLine CEO Martin Hart. “We hope to have enough suggestions to name him before the next APEX, or at the very least, before we hire him to join our engineering team.”

For more information about PID technology, Call 1-800-776-9888, or email: