Thick Film Chip Resistors: The “Other” Shortage

Fort Worth, Texas –  TTI, Inc., a specialty distributor of electronic components, brings you the latest breakdown of the effects that the MLCC shortage is having on the thick film chip resistor market from MarketEYE contributor Dennis Zogbi in the TTI MarketEYE Resource Center.

In a study conducted by Paumanok Publications, Inc., the findings indicate a significant shift in the market demand of thick film chip resistors beginning in April of 2017, around the same time as the start of the MLCC shortage. Zogbi credits the added pressure to the buyers who wanted more access to MLCCs and were offered specific vendor packaged deals to also buy their thick film chip resistors. The result was an impact to two key peripheral markets, ruthenium and the thin film resistor market.

Find out more about the effects of the MLCC shortage on the thick film chip resistor market in TTI MarketEYE:

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