The Latest on Tariffs from ECIA

By Robin Gray Jr.,Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel, ECIA

Keeping up with tariffs has become a key area of ECIA’s focus. Members should log into MyECIA regularly to access details on the latest developments and links to important information. 


The U.S. has increased the Section 301 tariffs on $200 billion worth of goods imported from China. This action raises the current tariff on List 3 goods from 10% to 25%.  The increase is effective May 10 except for goods that were exported/shipped prior to May 10 as long as these products enter the U.S. prior to June 1.  Customs & Border Protection (CBP) created a new code (9903.88.09) to cover these shipments. New CBP guidance may be found at the links below. Products in foreign trade zones (FTZ) will pay the tariff in effect at the time the product was admitted into the FTZ.

Note that this is not a new tariff or a new list of goods. The tariffs on List 1 and 2 goods/products remain unchanged (Members should log in and check for more information about Lists 1 and 2 tariffs.)
Click here for List 3 goods/products.
Click here  for the latest Customs & Border Protection (CBP) news release regarding increased tariffs.
Click here for CBP FAQs regarding China tariffs.
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