EMSNOW Up Close: Eric Miscoll Interviews Dieter Weiss, Part 2

EMSNOW Publisher Eric Miscoll speaks with Dieter Weiss, founder of in4ma, a research firm focused on electronics manufacturing in Europe, that has been surveying European EMS companies every three weeks throughout this crisis. Dieter shares his data-driven insights into what is happening and what is likely to happen in response to the pandemic shutdowns.

In this section, the pair discuss the future of the industry in detail. Dieter previously predicted up to 30% of the companies in Europe would vanish in the next five years, and he adds here that COVID-19 is accelerating that process. “2164 EMS companies in Europe is simply too much. We don’t have enough niches in which that many small companies can hide. The market needs new ideas, and new strategies.” Listen in to hear some examples of what the EMS industry is doing to re-invent itself to improve profits.

Part 1 of this compelling interview can be found here.

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