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The Eric Miscoll Show: Lynn Torrel, Chief Procurement Officer, FLEX and TTI Americas’ President Don Akery

2019’s big disruption was the trade war between China and the US, in 2020 it was COVID-19, and now in 2021 the biggest challenge facing the manufacturing industry is supply chain shortages. What will it be in 2022? Perhaps more of the same, perhaps all of the above? In this episode of The EMS (Eric Miscoll Show), Philip and Eric talk to FLEX Chief Procurement and Supply Chain Officer Lynn Torrel and TTI Americas’ President Don Akery. If they don’t know what’s going on, who does? The panel explores the scale and impact of the current shortages, the effect on specific segments, the timing and shape of the recovery, the gravity of changes in the logistics and freight market, strategies for navigating issues, the importance of data, changing manufacturing trends, and the need for open and honest collaboration up and down the supply chain. Don’t miss this one!!
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