The EMS (Eric Miscoll Show) Series 3, Episode 1 at Productronica 2019

The EMS (The Eric Miscoll Show) is back for a third season and this time Eric and his guests are on the SCOOPstudio at Productronica in Munich, Germany. In this episode panelists, Brian Matthews, Chief Technology Officer at Bright Machines, and François Monette, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Cogiscan talk about the improvements to process and production management. The two come at the problem from different, yet complimentary angles, exploring connectivity as well as software manged robotics. SCOOP’s Philip Stoten joins the panel to ask some probing questions and to add his own spin on the challenges faced in deploying a smarter manufacturing ecosystem.

Filmed on location in the SCOOPstudio at Productronica, thanks to sponsors, Aegis Software, Cimetrix, Cogiscan, KIC, Koh Young and SEHO.