The EMS (Eric Miscoll Show) – August 2022 – Talent and HR Special

When we say talent, we’re not referring to Eric or Philip, we’re talking about the second gravest shortage impacting the EMS industry after parts shortages. Attracting and retaining talent has never been so important, and most recently, it has never been so challenging. We regularly hear stories of the great resignation and of companies struggling to get staff to fill jobs from the shop floor to the c-suite. So what can be done? What is the role of automation in mitigating skill shortages? What does an EMS need to do to make themselves attractive to the next generation of graduates? And how can governments or associations help?

Our own Eric Miscoll, co-hosted by Philip Stoten, asked these question of Dr. Marc Achhammer, Chief HR Officer and Group Director, Operations at KATEK GROUP, as well as Jeremy Vanselous , Electronics Manufacturing Talent Advisor & Executive Recruiter specialized in the EMS sector. Take a listen, you’ll learn a lot about the future of the EMS industry and the importance of brand in the recruitment and retention of talent. Let’s face it, without talent, and until we can build autonomous factories, EMS companies can’t compete and won’t survive.

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