Movie Monday: that SCOOPshow with Journalists Michael Skinner & Eric Miscoll – Revisited

No agenda, no format, that’s how we roll on ‘that SCOOPshow’.

In episode three, the APEX wrap up, Philip Stoten chats to Journalists Michael Skinner of US Tech & Eric Miscoll of EMSNOW to get their views and insight on the latest trends in manufacturing and on the week’s events in San Diego. These erudite and thoughtful guests chat about collaboration, connectivity, innovation and much more.

Filmed in the SCOOPstudio at APEX 2019 in San Diego, California, thanks to the sponsorship of Aegis Software, Cogiscan, Creative Electron, Fuji America, KIC and Koh Young.

Check out the full APEX SCOOPstudio playlist here:

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