Test Solutions Provider Circuit Check Responds to COVID-19 Challenge

For over 40 years Circuit Check has been a leading-edge provider of custom engineered test solutions to the automotive, military/aerospace, medical, industrial, and computer networking industries. As a global company, Circuit Check has a long history of partnering with medical companies to deliver innovative, reliable, high quality test systems that meet their specific design requirements.

In early March, when our long-standing customer, a major healthcare company approached Circuit Check to partner together to build over a dozen tests systems to assist in the COVID-19 efforts, Circuit Check responded quickly to the challenge. Circuit Check was able to expedite the project from an already aggressive schedule by cutting the delivery time in half. With the help of our supply chain partners, we were able to deliver the systems quickly while maintaining the quality our customers have come to expect.

The test systems were essential for the increased production of ventilators which are authorized for use to treat patients with respiratory deficiency. The Company was able to quickly scale their production of their ventilator with the help of partners like Circuit Check, who was both honored and humbled to be a part of such an important and potentially lifesaving project.

Circuit Check has partnered with several other companies critical to the COVID-19 relief efforts. Circuit Check is working around the clock to meet the needs of our customers during these ever-changing times and appreciate the opportunity to help assist all thru this uncertainty together.

Circuit Check is headquartered in Maple Grove, Minnesota with facilities throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Malaysia, and China and currently has 250 employees.