Tech-Sustainability Expert Pamela J. Gordon Moderates Panel on Eco-Design Principles at Silicon Valley Leadership

A panel of speakers representing a cross section of the value chain – design, supply chain, manufacturing, and post-customer use – will discuss Eco-Design as one key to realizing the Circular Economy at an event hosted by the Silicon Valley Leadership Group. The  Energy & Sustainability Summit will be held May 24, Redwood City, CA.

“Designing products that minimize use of new materials is tantamount to participating in the Circular Economy. Indeed, circular business models can fail if superimposed on products designed for the Linear model of take, use, and waste. Product designers need to be fluent in Eco-Design principles and processes, and rewarded for enabling circular business models,” explained Pamela Gordon.

In this panel, experts from Oracle, Flex, Surplus Service, and HP Inc. will discuss how they are implementing Eco-Design in products to foster circularity. Among the insights shared will be how to drive Eco-Design and enable circularity throughout the supply-chain — even when some suppliers and recyclers are ahead and others are behind the Eco-Design curve. Also, panelists will point to the essential role of executives, corporate customers, investors, NGOs, and other stakeholders in continually driving Eco-Design and circular business models.

Pamela J. Gordon, is chair of iNEMI’s Eco-Design Roadmap (2017 and 2019) and author of Lean and Green: Profit for Your Workplace and the Environment. As Senior Consultant at Antea Group, Pamela coaches global Tech companies in Eco-Design and Circular Economy, along with other profitable sustainability strategies.

“The panelists will lend their deep knowledge and share stories about implementing Eco-Design and Circular Economy product solutions,” she continued. “Questions for the panel will include the role of Eco-Design and Circular Economy in fostering the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, especially #12, ‘Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.’ Audience members will have the opportunity to ask questions and share insights of their own.”

The take-away from this panel will be envisioning how Eco-Design can foster the Circular Economy, understanding of the progress and challenges, and awareness of roadmap elements to get to the goal. Register here.


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