TE Connectivity’s Dual Axis Inclinometers Available at TTI

TE Connectivity’s (TE) DOG2 MEMS Series CAN J1939 dual-axis inclinometers can simultaneously measure pitch and roll angles of up to ±90°, with <0.5% of cross-axis sensitivity (versus the 1 to 2 percent industry standard). On-board linearization and temperature compensation result in an extremely low total output error of 0.5°, over a wide -40° to +85°C operating temperature range. Integrated digital filtering algorithms limit the effects of vibrations and/or shock. The digital output eliminates errors such as noise and signal loss common to analog type sensors. A high impact plastic housing and IP67 rating provide excellent protection in harsh environments where condensation, oils, grease, fuels and other contaminants may be present.

Applications include: stability control for off road vehicles, agricultural equipment, man lifts and lift platforms, and crane manufacturers.

To learn more, or check our available stock, visit the TE DOG2 MEMS Tilt Sensors product page.