Swiss based Delvitech SA exhibits at Productronica its latest AOI/SPI solutions based on proprietary developed AI. 

Delvitech is proud to announce and show a new generation of Automated Optical Inspection systems for the electronic and mechanical manufacturing. 


Electronic assembly process is moving towards more and more hidden complexity. Varied shaped parts increasing difficulties related to shadows, large components with small pins, high components with short pins continuous changeover in production due to parts availability, mix of electronic and mechanical components, combined with concurrent unplanned topics, today represent the real challenge both for cost effectiveness and quality improvement. 

No matter how complex or minute the assembly is, Delvitech is addressing such challenge dedicating all its efforts in designing machines capable of superior performances. A Swiss-engineered hardware combined with a cutting edge microservices distributed software, integrated with the latest neural networks AI design, is the perfect fit for a solution to all the evolving customer needs. 

A new concept has been created, the 3iS, an Innovative, Intelligent, Inspection Solution. Enabled by the software Neith and based on Artificial Intelligence, 3iS ensures scalability and inspection repeatability on all production lines by deploying identical hardware and software technology for each inspection phase.  

To show this technology, two machines named Aton and Horus will be presented in Munich from November 14th to the 17th. 

These machines are capable of testing all process steps including all SMT and THT.  

Efficiency is accomplished by the use of neural networks able to identify even the most complex odd shape components. AI provides the capability to analyze the soldering process, as well as the management of automatic adaptation to alternative components as defined by the customer to allow the usage of a mixture of components on the production line to reduce the need for operator intervention; the extensive use of Neural networks guarantees consistency and efficiency in the production processes, as the recipe creation is carried out automatically and is drastically less dependent on from the operator skill. 

Artificial intelligence also enables the continuous development of Delvitech’s proposed solution, helping to make it increasingly powerful and complete. 

Examples of this are the three features that will soon be available. 

The self programming feature that will allow the user to speed up and increase the quality of the programming process. 

Predictive analysis that will allow further cost savings, anticipating possible product failures, detecting possible trend of process deviations based on real time data analysis. 

And finally MES systems interfaces, available for Delvitech SPC and for Customer’s management tools integration.  

Delvitech is happy to welcome you at the booth 227 at the Productronica exhibition. For further details please contact us at 





About Delvitech 

Delvitech designs, manufactures and supplies a sustainable AI based technological solution for the 3D automated optical inspection of assembled printed circuit boards.  

In Delvitech R&D and Innovation are at the heart of every activity. Artificial intelligence is combined with an industry-leading engineering technology, resulting in a unique inspection machine for all SMT and THT production phases.  

Characterized by self-programming features, Delvitech’s software, in conjunction with its proprietary patented multi-camera optical head, precision-engineered in Switzerland, delivers unparalleled inspection capabilities. The web-based software is unique, modern, singular and its ultimate goal is to automatically generate inspection programs, that can even be shared through the cloud.  

The result is the continuous improvement of the entire manufacturing process, making it faster, steadier, more scalable.  

Delvitech solution means less errors, less waste, less CO2, more future. 

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