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Super Thin Dry Film Negative Photoresist for MEMS and Wafer-Level Packaging

Engineered Material Systems, Inc., a leading global supplier of negative photoresist materials for MEMS and TSV passivation/sealing applications, announces the availability of 5 µm thick dry-film negative photoresists for use in micro-electro mechanical systems (MEMS), wafer level packaging and CMOS applications (metallization). This material formulation has been optimized for hot roll or vacuum lamination and processing on MEMS and IC wafers.

These are the thinnest dry film negative photoresists available on the market. These dry films are capable of extremely fine line and space definition in complex patterns with resolutions down to 3 µm. The cured chemistry can withstand harsh environments including resistance to extreme moisture conditions and corrosive chemicals.

EMS dry film photoresists are tougher (less brittle) than other negative photoresists on the market with glass transition temperatures ranging from 120°C (By DMA Tan Delta) to 200°C. They are hydrophobic in nature, providing chemical and moisture resistance. EMS dry films are compatible with and can be used in contact with the EMS line of spin-coatable negative tone photoresists.

The 5 µm dry film negative photoresist is the latest addition to Engineered Materials Systems’ full line of film and liquid negative photoresists formulated for making microfluidic channels on MEMS devices and integrated circuits.