Study puts Mexico’s workforce among top 10 in the world

Mexico’s workforce is the ninth best among those of more than 60 countries, according to an analysis carried out by a multinational staffing and recruitment company.

ManpowerGroup’s Total Workforce Index (TWI) scores the workforces of countries on over 200 unique factors grouped under the categories of availability, cost efficiency, regulation and productivity.

“The markets that rank highest … are those with the highest relative performance across all four categories,” ManpowerGroup said.

“Markets that perform well have successfully responded to trends, such as remote workforce readiness, building technology infrastructure and closing skills gaps. They have demonstrated market and geopolitical stability, have relatively high gender participation and are skilling emerging workforces to meet changing demographic realities. High-ranking markets also exhibit favorable regulatory environments,” it said.

Mexico’s performance across the four categories allowed it to rise 44 places from 53rd on the 2021 TWI to ninth on the 2022 edition.

SOURCE: Mexico News Daily


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