SMTA Announces Call for Abstracts for 2018 Events

SMTA announced that abstracts are now accepted for several events taking place in 2018. All submissions must be strictly technical with focus on technology research and minimize marketing content. The following events are all currently soliciting abstracts:

Medical Electronics Symposium

Abstracts Deadline: December 1, 2017

Electronics in Harsh Environments Conference
Abstracts Deadline: December 1, 2017

South East Asia Technical Training Conference on Electronics Assembly Technologies
Abstracts Deadline: January 15, 2018

International Conference on Electronics Enabling Technologies (ICEET)
Abstract Deadline: January 19, 2018

eSmart Factory conference
Abstracts Deadline: January 2018

SMTA International Conference
Abstract Deadline: February 16, 2018

SMTA/CALCE Symposium on Counterfeit Parts and Materials
Abstract Deadline: March 20, 2018

International Wafer-Level Packaging Conference
Abstract Deadline: April 10, 2018

On-line Presentations (Webinars & Webtorials)
Now scheduling for 2018 – Contact Jenny Ng,

Journal of SMT
Now accepting papers for 2018 publication – Contact Ryan Flaherty,

Submission of an abstract for an SMTA program is with the understanding that, if accepted, the author will provide a conference presentation and/or a technical paper for the proceedings.

View details online: Please contact Jenny Ng, or 952-920-7682, with questions.

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