SKF’s oil regeneration service made available to customers in Mexico

The Double Separation Technology (DST) system removes particulates from industrial oil, allowing it to be regenerated rather than replaced – which improves environmental performance and reduces costs

Gothenburg, Sweden: Industrial end-users in Mexico will now be able to make use of regenerated oil services using a unique and recently developed system from SKF.

Molecular Oil Technology (MOT) has purchased, and will operate under license, a RecondOil Double Separation Technology (DST) stand-alone unit from SKF.

SKF already uses the oil recovery system at several of its own facilities and is now in the process of making the technology available to customers around the world – both as part of its offer around the rotating shaft as well as via licence partners in selected markets.

“With this solution, MOT and SKF will help customers to reduce carbon emissions and cut costs, while increasing machine performance and contributing to a circular economy,” says Nacip Fayad, Industrial Market Business Unit Director at SKF in Mexico.

The DST unit removes contamination, including nano-sized particles, from lubricant oil. It is more effective than conventional filters and extends the time between oil changes in industrial operations.

The presence of nano-sized particles usually causes oil to oxidise and degrade. By removing these particles, the DST unit helps maintain oil conditions for longer. Regenerating oil can raise machine performance by preserving lubricant cleanliness. In this way, it can also cut the cost of oil purchase and disposal, and help companies meet environmental targets.

“We are very happy to have teamed up with SKF to bring the DST technology to Mexico. Our mission is to provide a sustainable solution to our customers through a truly circular use of industrial oils, which will allow our customers not only to reduce costs, but more importantly, reducing their carbon footprint,”  says Michael Heidkamp, CEO, Molecular Oil Technology.

The full capacity of the DST unit purchased by MOT is approximately 2.5 million litres/year.

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