Share Chinese Mobility Solution with the World -“China Motor & E-Vehicle Brand” Appears at EICMA

KUNSHAN, China–On November 23rd, EICMA has opened grandly. It brings thousands of well-known two-wheeler enterprises around the world together to showcase products. Among them, the “China Brand Fair” composed of ARIIC, CFMOTO, CYCLONE, DAYNG, DAYUN, QJMOTOR, SENKE, TAOMOTOR, TEYIN, VOGE, ZNEN, ZONTES and other well-known electric vehicle enterprises such as AIMA, OKAI, SUNRA, TAILG, TROMOX and YADEA, have also made a strong appearance at this grand event under the overall leadership of the Trade Development Bureau, Ministry of Commerce, P.R CHINA, showing the graceful demeanor of China’s two-wheeler industry to the world and proving the strength and charm of China’s intelligent manufacturing with the world!

On the morning of November 24th, Italy time, the “Cooperation and Mutual Benefits Harmonious Development” and the China Motorcycle and E-vehicle Brand Walks in Milan and Approaches the World promotion event sponsored by the Trade Development Council, Ministry of Commerce, P.R CHINA and organized by China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products has been held at the new exhibition center in Milan, Italy.

Commercial Counselor Ms. Shu Luomei of the Consulate General of China in Milan, Deputy Director General Mr. Chen Huaming Trade Development Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce, Secretary General Mr. Guo Kuilong of China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products, the president of EICMA Mr. Pietro Meda and other leaders have attended this press conference and delivered speeches.

In her speech, Commercial Counselor Ms. Shu Luomei has said that in the face of the severe challenges posed by COVID-19, China and Italy have supported each other and worked together to fight the pandemic, deepening mutual trust and writing another great mark in the history of China-Italy relations.

Deputy Director General Mr. Chen Huaming has said that China remains Italy’s second largest trading partner. The extensive participation of Chinese two-wheeler brands in EICMA 2021 is a practical, innovative and significant move to promote economic and trade exchanges and cooperation between China and Italy against the backdrop of the pandemic.

Secretary-General Mr. Guo Kuilong has pointed out in the speech that China provides a large number of safe, reliable and high-quality two-wheeler vehicles for consumers around the world every year. In the meantime, many internationally renowned independent brands such as CFMoto, Loncin, Qianjiang, Sunra, Yadea and other enterprises spring out. He has said that the CCCME will actively play the channel and industry advantages and strive to promote the exchanges and cooperation between the enterprises of the two countries to a wider field and a higher level.

As the host, Mr. Pietro Meda, the president of EICMA has expressed his gratitude to the Consulate General of China in Milan and the leaders of the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products for their attention to EICMA. At the same time, he also hopes that more excellent China two-wheeler enterprises can come to EICMA and share the development opportunities with the Italian and even the global industry in the future.

During the press conference, outstanding domestic two-wheeler brands such as YADEA, TROMOX, TEYIN, ARIIC and so on have also appeared on the stage to share the development ideas of their respective brands with the global industry and bring their flagship new products.

YADEA has showed the all-round intelligent lithium electric vehicle Y1S for enterprise users at the site and said that as the world’s leading brand of electric two-wheeler, Yadea has been committed to providing users with a comfortable riding experience. The launch of Y1S represents Yadea’s relentless pursuit of specially designed and developed to meet the needs of different commercial vehicle applications.

TROMOX has represented two intelligent e-vehicle products and hoped that they can take “product innovation + core technology R&D + international brand” as the model to become a high-tech enterprise in the industry and provide more people with intelligent, environmental-friendly and interesting ways of travel.

TEYIN has brought the VOX125 which is a very classical 125cc product and has been sold well in the European market for years. TEYIN has said that they will adhere to the R&D and manufacturing of motorcycles with various displacement from 50CC to 350CC, hoping to bring more reliable motorcycle products to global users.

ARIIC has brought the first product Chinf318 at the site and said that they will adhere to the perfect design and the attitude of product details and quality to the extreme, so that consumers can feel the beauty of industrial design and the pleasure of the quality from every product of ARIIC.

China’s two-wheeler travel industry with the advantage of the world’s top whole industry chain is bringing more creative, advanced and diversified product technology solutions in the new era of global transportation

During the exhibition, the organizers of the event hired professional translators and service personnel to connect with the site during the exhibition. At the same time, the organizers will continuously adopt the B2B online matchmaking mode to match supply and purchase and conduct business negotiation via Zoom which will further guarantee the display effect of enterprises.

As we all know, the pandemic has had a profound impact on economic and trade exchanges between countries and regions around the world. The China Motorcycle and E-vehicle Brand Walks in Milan and Approaches the World promotion activities has built a bridge for communication between China and Italy and even the global travel industry in such a special period. It will undoubtedly bring positive demonstration effects to the creation of ways of economic and trade exchanges between countries in the future under the pandemic.

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