Seven Ways to Save Yourself When The Lead Time Keeps Getting Longer

The global supply chain has been put to the test over the past several years, with a variety of issues creating longer lead times that have begun, or continue, to impact projects.

SOURCE: Mouser Resource Library

If you’re experiencing longer lead times, one or more of the following strategies might save your project.

1. Check on whether a cross or alternative is available and in stock

Is there another product that has a similar functionality to the part you need? Double check the specifications and price point using the Mouser search component, and if the cross is in stock, order that part instead.

2. Do a quick search for the same part in a different packaging type

Similar parts often come in different packaging, depending upon how the part was produced, who the part was manufactured by, and how it was shipped to the distributor. Typically, parts that come in different packaging types are assigned a different part number, so an alternative may be available.

3. Evaluate whether you can increase memory (in semiconductors)

Would increasing the memory capacity on the semiconductor negatively impact your project? Would it over-extend your budget? If the answer to these questions is no, ordering the same part with a larger memory capacity might reduce the lead time.

4. Evaluate whether you can increase tolerance (capacitors)

Every capacitor has a maximum voltage tolerance. Exceeding that capacity could result in an event such as an explosion. However, if there’s an alternative capacitor with a slightly higher tolerance that would fit your project, order that part instead. Consult with your design engineers before making any final decisions.

5. Is this part available in another color with the same fit, form, function?

Remember that any small difference between parts results in a different part number. If you don’t care about the color of the part being ordered, check to see if it is in stock in a different color. Who knows, maybe a dash of hot pink will set your final product apart!

6. Schedule your full annual usage in one PO rather than sending individual orders throughout the year

If you have the storage space (or even if you don’t) it might be beneficial to order the full year’s quantity of a part or component in one purchase order, rather than ordering the parts separately throughout the year. Doing so will help you circumvent any supply chain issues that might crop up unexpectedly.

7. Register for stock notifications online

Stay on top of a part’s availability in real time by registering for stock notifications. You’ll receive an email notification as soon as the part or component you need is available, allowing you to order it right when it comes in.

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