SEMI Industry Strategy Symposium 2018: The Premier Executive Insight Conference

SEMI announced that the Industry Strategy Symposium (ISS) 2018, will take place January 15-18 at Half Moon Bay’s Ritz-Carlton Hotel, with the theme “Smart, Intuitive & Connected: Semiconductor Devices Transforming the World.”  ISS is the year’s first executive check-in, bringing together leading analysts, researchers, economists, and technologists for insights on the forces impacting the semiconductor industry. The annual symposium offers executives a unique platform for identifying growth opportunities and gaining industry intelligence to help them ensure that their business plans and forecasts are based on up-to-the-minute market conditions. Registration for ISS is now open.

Major developments are transforming the extended supply chain — artificial intelligence, intelligent vehicles, augmented and virtual reality, and limitless connectivity within the cloud. Through collaboration across an expanding ecosystem and advanced technical innovations, today’s electronics are incorporating features that defy convention, while constantly raising performance and lowering power consumption, with smaller footprints,  reduced device sizes, and increasingly packaging heterogeneously integrated components.

The ISS 2018 will feature two insightful keynote addresses, a CXO panel, and presentations spanning four key session topics:

  • Economic Trends: Get an insider’s view from Alpha Capital Partners, BCA Research, Gartner, IHS Markit and SEMI.
  • Market Perspective: Autonomous cars, virtual reality, and cloud connectivity — where’s the growth? Hear perspectives from Amazon Web Services, Mentor (a Siemens Business), Nissan Research Center Silicon Valley and Oculus.
  • Technology: Emerging applications and major advances in equipment, materials, design, and packaging. Get insights from executives at ASM, ASML, IC Knowledge, imec, Intel, and Versum Materials.
  • Societal Disruptions by Technology: Robotics, artificial intelligence, social media — hear from representatives of Accenture, IBM, McKinsey & Co., Tufts University and VLSI Research.

The industry is going through a major growth cycle and the challenges remain to stay strong ahead of the cycles. SEMI Industry Strategy Symposium 2018 will give industry professionals the knowledge needed to succeed. To learn more and to register, visit

Sponsors include: Applied Materials, Accenture, Air Liquide, Applied Seals North America, DAS, EV Group, Edwards Vacuum, Greene Tweed, JSR Micro, Lam Research, Linde Group, Linx Consulting, Nikon Precision, TEL, 3-Way Logistics, Valqua America, VAT, Versum Materials, and Watlow.

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