SEMI European 3D Summit Makes Dresden Debut

A market briefing on the latest business challenges and opportunities in the 3D sector will kick off the summit, with 3D and packaging industry experts presenting their exclusive business and market insights and analysis confirming the huge forecast growth of advanced packaging. Keynotes and presentations on the current adoption of 3D applications such as high-end memory, performance, mobile, imaging and automotive will highlight this 6th edition of SEMI European 3D Summit.

Sold-out for five years straight, the European 3D Summit will showcase the leading names in 3D integration microelectronics manufacturing and offer numerous networking opportunities including a gala dinner and cocktail hour, along with frequent coffee and lunch break mixers. In addition, attendees will meet emerging new talent engaged in the future of 3D integration including Sabrina Fadloun, PhD student and senior field process engineer, SPTS Technologies, and September 2017 winner of the international competition “My Thesis in 180 Seconds.”

The European 3D Summit will showcase speakers from companies such as Third Millennium Test Solutions (3MTS), Amkor Technology, CEA-Leti, Chipworks, Epcos, Fraunhofer, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Hewlett Packard, Huawei, IBM, IMEC, Intel, ProPrincipia, Qualcomm, Silex, ST Microelectronics, SMIC, TechSearch, Tessera Xperi, Université de Sherbrooke, Western Digital, X-Fab and Yole Développement.

Featuring a huge supplier base, Dresden is home to some of Europe’s largest fabs, from GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Infineon, and X-FAB to a new 300mm BOSCH fab.

Premium Sponsors of the European 3D Summit are SPTS Technologies (platinum sponsor), ASE Group (gold sponsor), Suss MicroTec Group (silver sponsor), EV Group and Trymax (event sponsor)

Registration is open. Register before December 16 for a discount!

Please find more registration information at www.semi.org/eu/European-3D-Summit-2018-Register. For more information on the show, please visit www.semi.org/eu/european-3d-summit-2018 or contact Mr. Michael Kaiser, Senior Manager Business Development, SEMI Europe (email: mkaiser@semi.org or tel. +49 30 3030 8077 10).

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