SEHO to Show Innovations for Its Entire Range of Products at productronica

SEHO Systems GmbH, a worldwide leading manufacturer of complete solutions for soldering processes and automated production lines, will exhibit in Hall A4, Booth #578 at the upcoming productronica, scheduled to take place Nov.12-15, 2019 in Munich, Germany. The company will showcase innovative features for its product range. The new functions are designed to bring process reliability to a higher level and further improve production sequences in electronic manufacturing.

After the successful introduction of the new preheat option for wave soldering systems using pulsar emitters that allow cost-efficient production from a lot size of one up to large series, SEHO now has further optimized the soldering area.

SEHO has developed an innovative automatic nozzle height adjustment system for the MWS 2300 high-end wave soldering system that allows the optimal distance between the printed circuit board and the solder nozzles. The system operates independently from the carrier design and without any negative influence on cycle time. In addition, SEHO will introduce the first automatic wave height measurement system integrated in the soldering area of the MWS 2300. Based on the measuring results, the wave height is automatically regulated within adjustable tolerances. The system thereby ensures the same height across the entire wave width at any time.

For the first time, SEHO also will show the successful THT AOI System PowerVision in a configuration designed for in-line use with wave soldering systems. The SEHO PowerVision can be configured depending on the manufacturing requirements. In Munich, the system will be installed in front of the MWS 2300 and it will be equipped with an automatic placement control at assembly belt level. At the return conveyor level, i.e., in the lower machine area, an automatic solder joint inspection unit will be integrated to test soldered assemblies for typical soldering defects such as insufficient solder joints, menisci or solder balls. Both systems work independently from each other and are integrated into the same module to save space.

When it comes to the increased requirements for the production of LED technology, 5G antennas and other products of the future, a new innovation for the SEHO SelectLine selective soldering system provides the solution. This new feature allows processing of virtually endlessly long assemblies while they are passing through the system with automatically optimized cycle time.

With the aim to make the production process in electronic manufacturing more efficient and to reduce production costs sustainably, SEHO successively extended its range of automation solutions of the SEHO Streamline product line. The products range from board handling with conveyor systems, paternoster and buffer stations, turn and lift stations, to transfer stations and ergonomically designed work places. Creative island concepts are as feasible as integration of the Streamline modules into automated production lines.

The SEHO team is looking forward to welcoming visitors in Hall A4, Booth #578.