Schneider Electric Adopts Actvcontent’s Automated Manufacturing Execution System

New SaaS platform to enable manufacturers to visualize their factory floors in real-time and streamline key parts

SAN FRANCISCO–Actvcontent, a company providing manufacturing and automation software, announced Schneider Electric’s adoption of its turnkey platform, the Actvcontent Automated Manufacturing Execution System (AMES). For manufacturing facilities, the implementation timeline to deploy new software can be cumbersome and lengthy, Actvcontent’s AMES platform improves production efficiency and allows global industrial companies to gain value and scale quickly.

Actvcontent’s AMES capabilities include:

  • Easily linking multiple data sources needed to run a factory
  • Real-time visualization of the factory and communication during production
  • Automated triggers to streamline key parts of the manufacturing process

Nick Campbell, Production Manager at Schneider Electric said: “This is truly a turnkey MES solution. It doesn’t take a large investment to set up as you just need to purchase mobile devices and have 1 – 2 admins at your plant to get started.”

“With the rise of Smart Manufacturing over the next few years, there’s a growing need for an application like Actvcontent that streamlines coordination between operations, engineering and management. Through a simple integration, Actvcontent provides a robust solution that fits many of our plants globally,” said Brian Tessier, VP of Global Supply Chain Transformation at Schneider Electric.

The company’s new automation technology leapfrogs traditional MES. “We relied on separate platforms for engineering, design, and operations that didn’t talk. Now our operators can access dynamic digital drawings for specific orders they’re working on through the Actvcontent app,” said Ryan Teter, Manufacturing Engineer at Schneider Electric. “Actvcontent’s visual factory floor shows us exactly where orders are and automatically highlights any concerns, issues or priorities.”

“Current MES solutions aren’t built to enable the next generation of industrial technology/innovation, we need systems that talk, are intelligent and reactive,” said Vikas Murali, CEO of Actvcontent. “Our goal is to set the standard and become the leader in the manufacturing operations space.”

Actvcontent is available for general release starting September 2018. “We’re excited to work with the team at Actvcontent as they expand their offering to other sites,” said Nathan Braga, Manager of Global Supply Chain Transformation at Schneider Electric.

More information on the capabilities can be found here.