Ryder Industries Builds Two New Factory Buildings

Ryder Industries, investing in China’s manufacturing base since 1991, is positioned to meet the needs of a world seeking advanced technologies to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow

With a history spanning 30 years of inward investment in manufacturing in China, Ryder Industries is continuing its commitment with further expansion of its Inland campus in Xinfeng. Having completed construction work on two new factory buildings, the project is now moving into the next phase: fitting out both factories with electrical and network infrastructure and other essential building services, before completing the commissioning and installing state-of-the-art automation ready to begin production.

Obviously, the initial planning of this project began well in advance. However, given the current high demand for manufacturing services, and high-tech products for consumer, industrial, and medical markets in particular, the timing is perfect. As the world adapts to new patterns and new demands, Ryder is ready to respond.

There is a clear need both for more capacity as well as more advanced capabilities, and the new factories are poised to deliver both.

“While one building is going into immediate use, given this year’s pressing rise in demand, the second is ready to handle the continuing growth that we expect in the near future,” explains Eric Winkler, Founder and Chairman of Ryder Industries. “The two buildings have the same floorplan and are sharing infrastructure as well as common engineering and supply-chain connections, maximising the expansion of our resources which, ultimately, we place at our customers’ disposal.”

By investing in the new buildings, Ryder is also expressing confidence that China will remain a competitive and powerful manufacturing base for the long term. This can be seen from one perspective in the ongoing massive adoption of automation throughout China’s manufacturing base. Ryder is among the leading companies that are investing vigorously in new and advanced technology, and “labour factor productivity” is rising fast.

Another, of course, is the rising levels of education and high-value skills among the Ryder’s workforce. “Our people have always been our treasured asset as Ryder developed individuals’ careers and well-being in tandem with its corporate capabilities.” agrees Henry Wu, Ryder Industries CEO. “Year by year they continue to participate in career training, typically twice as much as our competitors, acquiring new skills and becoming increasingly adept at adding value to the business. This is important as market demands continue to change and the type of automation deployed becomes increasingly advanced and highly automated.”

The Inland plant was designed to “smart green” principles and the latest build sees the installations updated to 2021 technology and expanded: ground source climate control, solar electricity and hot water, process energy recovery and rainwater harvesting. Care for the environment has been a guiding principle for current practices and future plans. “With our wide-ranging in-house capabilities, including design services as well as plastic moulding, mould-making, surface-mount assembly, test engineering, and box-build, we can bring our skills to bear on this aspect in many ways, from sustainable product design to continuously studying our processes to minimise energy demand and water waste,” adds Henry Wu.

In addition to the extra capacity and advanced capabilities planned for the two, new, multi-storey Inland plants, Ryder’s coastal campus in Shenzhen is also moving forward. The transition into a new Advanced Manufacturing Hub will develop in the coming years.  Finally, Ryder is continuing to strengthen its “Made in Thailand” solution that brings extra locational flexibility and resilience to the to the whole supply chain.

With the first new Inland factory ready to begin operations imminently, Ryder Industries now has 14 permanent buildings in China and is excited to continue serving customers worldwide from its competitive and strategic base here.

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