Ryder Industries Breaks Ground on New Buildings, Doubling Manufacturing Space

Just months after the challenge of a global pandemic, Ryder prepares to expand

Beginning the process to add two new buildings to its Xinfeng (XF) site, upgrading technology throughout and further implementing advanced environmental efficiencies.

Ryder held its ground-breaking ceremony for two new buildings on 23rd Sep, 2020. This expansion will double its inland manufacturing capacity from 20,000 to 40,000 sq. m. Construction will be completed by June 2021, with operations beginning in October 2021.

“Ten years ago, Ryder broke ground on Phase I of this site,” said Henry Wu, CEO of Ryder. “Since then, we have achieved continuous growth and success. We’re excited to formally announce our Xinfeng Phase II. It shows our commitment to our customers and employees. We have built a great team here and have learned a lot from Phase I. I am quite confident that Ryder’s tomorrow will be even better.”

Over the past ten years, Ryder has added twelve buildings, seven in 2010, three in 2015, and now two more in 2020.

Two new buildings (Building A and E) under construction in Phase II 

Ryder plans to install and provide 100% coverage of high-bandwidth and Ethernet , dual-band Wi-Fi to the new buildings so that both customers and employees can work on all process requirements online in a real-time environment.

Ryder has always placed great importance on environmental protection and energy conservation. Not only will the two new buildings double site manufacturing capacity, they will also offer a higher standard of sustainability. The buildings are designed to collect rainwater from the rooftop for recycling. Rooftops are also designed to handle solar photovoltaic panels for renewable energy. Additionally, the new buildings’ air compressors will be connected to the residential buildings’ hot water supply, allowing the waste heat to be captured and used to heat the water.

Ryder’s current inland facility has a ground source climate control system – during the summer the system’s heat pump can transfer indoor heat underground and supply cool air to the rooms, and during the winter the heat pump can transfer the underground heat to the rooms for warmth. Ryder also ensures that all newly purchased equipment and machineries will incorporate environmentally friendly technology and high efficiency. In doing so, Ryder will continue to support the commitment to make China carbon-neutral by 2060, and to provide a better, cleaner environment for our employees, their families, and the next generation.

About Ryder Industries

Ryder Industries has deep experience in China manufacturing, with some 40 years of operational history, originally as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and subsequently as an Electronics Manufacturing Service provider (EMS).

As a Swiss-owned company, we are obsessed with quality, process, and efficiency, and we always deliver what we promise.
We work with small and large brands, delivering everything from innovation to volume, from board assembly to complex mechatronics and much more. Our private ownership means we make decisions based on our customers’ and the industry’s needs. We think long-term.

Ryder Industries offers product introduction, small and medium volumes and, when needed, a gateway to product design, vertical integration, and component sourcing.  Because all of our equipment, software, and systems are integrated, our production transitions are seamless, offering complete traceability and transparency back to batch.

Our supply chains are kept simple, giving our customers the flexibility to scale the services to their speed-to-market, time-in-market, and time-in-profit needs.

For further information visit; http://www.ryderems.com
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