Robotic soldering partnership between TM Robotics and ELMOTEC

Toshiba Machine partner, TM Robotics, has partnered with ELMOTEC to develop robotic soldering technology using Toshiba Machine robots. The soldering machines allow customers to fully automate soldering applications, increasing efficiency of soldering for electrical and electronic components manufacturing.

Based in Switzerland, ELMOTEC has been creating bespoke soldering products for over 30 years, allowing the company to deliver advanced technological expertise for its customers.

ELMOTEC’s partnership with TM Robotics allows high-end precise soldering technology to be paired with several of Toshiba Machine’s robots, which includes the most extensive range of quality SCARA robots on the market. Toshiba Machine robots are known for accuracy and reliability allowing for peace of mind when automating precise soldering work.

The soldering peripherals are manufactured with ease-of-use in mind, to ensure the soldering heads are easy to implement onto SCARA robots in production. Overall, there are four peripheral heads produced by ELMOTEC, all of which can be mounted onto Toshiba Machine robots.

The laser soldering head is ideal for heat-sensitive electrical components. This model offers the perfect tool for short bursts of high temperature and comes equipped with a 100-Watt laser, an integrated pyrometer and a camera. The high-frequency soldering head is a compact induction heated application, guaranteeing accurate soldering , even in tight spaces.

For even smaller space requirements, the flame soldering head offers maximum energy for micro flame soldering. This is the most customisable head of the four options, available with a variety of nozzles to suit all applications. This highly flexible package is ideal for hard soldering requirements and can be optimally adjusted for the application at hand.

“ELMOTEC are trusted partners of TM Robotics, their peripherals are tried and tested providing high-quality applications for our customers,” explained Nigel Smith, managing director at TM Robotics. “A growing number of our clients are implementing automated soldering systems to streamline their production, this partnership allows us to pre-empt our clients’ needs and facilitate this shift.”

For more technical information on soldering options for Toshiba Machine robots, speak to TM Robotics directly by contacting or calling the European head office on +44 (0) 1707 290370.