Risho Announces New Thermal Solution Material for PCBs

TOYOTech LLC (U.S. Distributor for Risho Kogyo Co., Ltd.) announces the availability of a unique new thermal solution material for PCB fabrication, AC-7303, a CCL (Copper Clad Laminate) PCB material with an Al base ideal for high-thermal PCBs. AC-7303 offers a thermal conductivity of 3W/mK; an extremely low modulus (1/10 that of conventional material); and a flexible dielectric layer (after curing). AC-7303 with an aluminum-base creates a soft insulation layer even after thermosetting.

The soft insulation layer absorbs thermal expansion of the aluminum plate so that solder cracks will rarely occur. It is used for ‘Low solder crack tolerant’ applications such as Automotive electronics (EPS, Power module, Inverter, DC/DC converter), power supplies, and related uses.

AC-7303 is typically a dielectric layer with a thickness of 120μm; and its Young modulus (GPa) is 2.4 @RT, able to absorb stresses due to its extreme elasticity and thus resistance to solder joint cracking. It maintains its integrity even with significant thermal cycling (-55/125⁰C).

AC-7303 serves as either a dielectric layer or a bonding layer between copper foil and aluminum plate for a metal-base CCL, or as a bonding layer between layers of release film, or as a bonding layer between release film and copper foil as an RCC (Resin-Coated Copper) layer.