Rehm develops the Securo Plus and Securo Minus systems for functional testing of sensitive electronics

Secure electronics despite heat and cold

Modern electronics are used nowadays in a range of industries and are therefore exposed to the most widely varied temperatures. Most notably, electronic assemblies in safety-related areas of application, such as medical technology, the automotive industry and aerospace technology, must function 100% reliably at all temperatures. To verify this reliability, customers of Rehm Thermal Systems can use Securo systems. These systems heat or cool assemblies in order to prepare them optimally for a hot or cold function test.

Safe testing and measuring methods are increasingly relevant and have already become standard in analysing the resistance of electronic components. In the aerospace industry, for example, the sun-facing side of a spacecraft can become extremely hot, as in the vacuum of space there is no air for cooling. However, since the temperature in space is minus 270°C, the spacecraft is simultaneously exposed to extreme cold. Despite this extreme temperature, the technology must be completely reliable. For such fields of application Rehm offers systems that can accurately simulate these extreme environmental conditions by selectively heating and/or cooling the assembly.

Rehm Thermal Systems developed the Securo Plus system for the hot function test and Securo Minus for the cold function test. The systems operate in normal air or in nitrogen atmospheres. To test the winter performance of sensitive electronics, functional modules are first cooled to temperatures of -45 °C. However, to simulate the installation environment in a vehicle, the modules are heated to between +80°C and +120°C.

The Securo systems are highly compatible with other measuring equipment. This allows extensive function monitoring and secure quality control. The best analysis and documentation tools provide for transparent processes.