RAFI’s compact, low-profile, single-piece switch family simplifies assembly and customization

Lynnwood, WA — RAFI USA, a supplier of human machine interface controls and components, has developed a compact pushbutton and E-Stop switch family with a rugged one-piece design that simplifies and reduces installation time. With a mounting depth of only 18.2 mm, the Lumotast 16 Series switch space-saving design enables our customers to design slim, more compact housings for their end products. Available in pushbutton, illuminated pushbutton and E-stop versions, the Lumotast 16 Series fits a 16.2 mm mounting hole and assembles to the panel in seconds.

The Lumotast 16 Series is ideally suited for designs that require both customizable switch input, and emergency shutdown capabilities. The switch is ideal for demanding applications including transportation, measurement control-regulation, chemical processing, handheld control devices, security, and industrial machinery.

The Lumotast 16 Series E-Stop is sealed to an IP67 front panel protection for dust, moisture and water egress. The Lumotast 15 E-Stop is available with gold or silver contacts, capable of switching up to 5A at 35VAC for 30,000 cycles. The twist-to-release E-Stop is available with NO or NC contact configurations, and available with illuminated release arrows, or an Active/Inactive fully illuminated 30mm mushroom. The switch has an anti-rotation keying feature, quick connect termination. The E-Stop switches are tested and rated to meet international safety standards for emergency stop protocols.

The Lumotast 16 Series Pushbutton switches incorporate the robust RAFI Micon 5 tactile switches in a plug and play, customizable package. The RAFI “C-Lab” actuators are easily removable to enable custom legends, backlighting, and changeable color lenses and bezels to satisfy customer preferences. Rated at 500,000 actuation cycles, the Lumotast 16 Series Pushbutton is ideally suited for the most demanding switch applications. The contacts are gold plated and rated to 35V.

“RAFI continues to lead the industry in innovative, space savings industrial control solutions for our customers,” said Gary Mountford, VP of Components at RAFI-USA. “With the complete family offering, this series provides product designers great haptics, illumination capabilities, and interchangeable legends and bezel rings, allowing for customized end products, from an off the shelf, quick and cost effective switch solution.”

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