Plexus Joins Semiconductor Climate Consortium as Founding Member

NEENAH, WI — Plexus Corp. (NASDAQ: PLXS) is pleased to announce its position as a founding member of the Semiconductor Climate Consortium (SCC). This newly formed group, supported by SEMI, a leading industry association representing the electronics manufacturing and design supply chain, was created to accelerate the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions throughout the semiconductor value stream.

“When tackling issues, especially ones as important as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, there’s power in numbers,” said Megan Schleicher, Senior Director of ESG at Plexus. “The creation of, and participation in, groups like this supports our ESG mission of building a better world by the way we innovate and operate.” The founding members of the SCC are comprised of leading companies throughout the semiconductor value stream that are committed to collaboration, transparency and driving climate process in support of the 1.5C pathway set by the Paris Agreement and related accords.

“At Plexus, we continually strive to be a strategic partner to our customers by supporting them throughout their product’s lifecycle by innovating in design, navigating complex supply chains, manufacturing with zero defects and sustaining the products once launched into market,” said Nate Doemling, Plexus’ Market Sector Vice President – SemiCap. “Our participation in groups like this will allow us to be a better advocate for sustainable manufacturing practices across all industries, while providing greater support to our customers on their ESG journeys.”

“I applaud Plexus for its commitment to become a founding member of the SCC and for its continued support of global sustainability efforts,” said Ajit Manocha, SEMI President and CEO. “Individually, SEMI member companies have made tremendous strides on sustainability, but we need to pool industry resources to solve the difficult decarbonization challenges and to meet tracking and reporting requirements across the value chain. The SCC members look forward to defining and prioritizing sustainability goals and harnessing the collective energy of the global semiconductor supply chain to create solutions.”

Joining the SCC as a founding member represents one of a growing number of strategic partnerships in support of ESG efforts for Plexus. More information on the foundations of Plexus’ ESG strategy and initiatives can be found at

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