PCBAA Welcomes CHIPS Program Investment in American-made Substrates

The Printed Circuit Board Association of America welcomes the CHIPS for America program action to make available $300 million via a Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) for domestic research and development activities to accelerate domestic capacity for advanced packaging substrates and substrate materials.
Integrated circuit substrates are a critical part of the technology stack that powers the microelectronics that make modern life possible. Semiconductors, substrates and printed circuit boards (PCBs) make up the stack that every electronic device needs to function.
PCBAA Executive Director David Schild said, “This is an important expansion of the work being done at the CHIPS program to reshore the industries we invented here in America but long ago offshored. To build a secure and resilient supply chain for all elements of the technology stack, we need a robust American capacity to manufacture all three: semiconductors, IC substrates and PCBs. That’s why we say ‘Chips Don’t Float’. The third element of the technology stack also needs government investment. We are calling on Congress to pass H.R. 3249, the Protecting Circuit Boards and Substrates Act, which would provide $3 billion to fund factory construction, workforce development and R&D along with a 25% tax credit for purchasers of American-made PCBs and substrates.”
PCBAA was founded by leading microelectronics manufacturers to educate, advocate and legislate on behalf American-made PCBs, substrates and the raw materials from which they are made.
For more information, contact Mike Doble at (703) 579-7963, mikedoble@pcbaa.org

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