PCB Manufacturing, PCB Depaneling and Electronic Enclosure Solutions from LPKF

February, 2018— LPKF Laser & Electronics will be exhibiting at the IPC/APEX Expo in
San Diego, California in booth 1241 this year, demonstrating their PCB depaneling and flex PCB
drilling laser systems.

The MicroLine 5000 is equipped for high through-put, high-yielding PCB drilling applications. Common applications include the drilling of through holes and blind vias, with the additional ability to cut large mounting holes, or full perimeter cuts of irregular board contours. Available with multiple power options, the MicroLine 5000 series may also be configured to work with various material handling options.

The MicroLine 2000 is a compact system, developed for cutting PCB panels and cover layers. It
reduces lead times and eliminates tooling costs of layout changes. The substrates are held securely
on a vacuum table. This is ideal for depaneling, cutting and engraving a variety of substrates (cover
layers, rigid, flex and rigid/flex). UV laser cutting systems display their advantages at various positions in the production chain. With complex electronic components, the processing of flat materials is sometimes required. In that case, the UV laser reduces the lead time and total costs with every new product layout.

LPKF will also feature information about its laser plastic welding systems. Laser plastic welding
technology is a stress-free method of joining plastics, used for electronic enclosures to protect
sensitive parts. The improved design methodology and automation result in cost reduction and yield improvements in production lines. In addition to these systems, LPKF will also be demonstrating its rapid PCB prototyping technology.

For more information on LPKF’s latest laser-based solutions, visit LPKF in booth 1241 at the 2018
IPC/APEX Expo or visit

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