“parts2clean” exhibition to spotlight cleaning technologies Oct 23-25 in Stuttgart

Hannover, Germany. In all sectors of modern industry, the effective cleaning of parts and components is essential for ensuring consistent, high-quality manufacturing results. But new trends are posing fresh challenges for parts cleaning technology. In order to remain competitive in tomorrow’s world, manufacturers need to know now what standards of surface cleanliness will be demanded in future in specific industry sectors. They can find all the information they need at parts2clean, the international trade show for industrial parts and surface cleaning, which takes place from 23 to 25 October in Stuttgart.

“parts2clean not only has the world’s largest range of exhibits for efficient and reliable parts cleaning, but also pays particular attention to coming trends and future challenges,” says Olaf Daebler, Global Director for parts2clean at Deutsche Messe AG. The supporting program that accompanies the exhibitor displays is likewise designed to offer expertise and know-how to meet all present and future cleanliness requirements.

Some six weeks ahead of the start of the show, now in its 16th year, more than 180 companies have already booked their stand space in Halls 3 and 5. This means that the net display area already totals approx. 6 500 square metres.

Innovative solutions and technical advances in all display segments

According to Daebler “many exhibitors use the show to present new and improved products and services to an international trade public for the first time”. Amongst other things, that includes a new solvent-based cleaning line with an integrated low-pressure plasma cleaning stage. This innovative development makes it possible to meet the highest standards for the removal of surface films – typically required prior to adhesive bonding, coating or sealing – in a single, continuous process. Various new developments and technical refinements for the dry cleaning of individual parts address the growing awareness that film-type contaminants can critically affect the quality of the finished product. Also on display will be various innovative, cloud-based solutions for the digitization of cleaning plant and processes. These ensure that the production process remains stable, while helping to increase productivity and reduce costs. Exhibitors at this year’s parts2clean will also be showing solutions for deburring and cleaning parts in a single work stage. And participating companies will be unveiling their latest products and systems in all other display segments, too, including cleanliness checks following the removal of particulate residues and surface films, cleaning media, bath monitoring and bath maintenance, cleaning baskets and workpiece carriers, and accessories.

Wide-ranging supporting program: a key knowledge resource

The supporting program at this year’s parts2clean offers more new solutions and valuable know-how. The organizers of the special presentation “Automation and Digitization of Cleaning Processes”, for example, will be demonstrating with the aid of a Stäubli TX2-CS9 industrial robot how easily process and equipment data can be made available. Visitors will also be shown how these data can be defined and edited for specific requirements and purposes. And experts will explain how operating and teaching interfaces can be flexibly adapted to specific production goals and employee profiles, and how helpful “smart data” can be for sustainable production.

The special presentation “Process Flow in Parts Cleaning, Including Cleanliness Checks”, organized in conjunction with the CEC (Cleaning Excellence Center), has live coverage of the different process stages, from deburring and cleaning to cleanliness checks in clean-room environments and the logging of results. Another special presentation, organized by the German Industrial Parts Cleaning Association (FiT), has as its theme “QSRein 4.0 – Opportunities for Industrial Parts Cleaning”.

“Our English-speaking guided tours led by industry experts give visitors the opportunity to gather information about specific areas of interest in industrial cleaning by talking directly to selected exhibitors,” explains Daebler. The three-day Industry Forum that forms part of parts2clean, and whose program is coordinated by the Fraunhofer Cleaning Technology Alliance and FiT, functions effectively as a further training event for industry professionals. The talks by senior industry experts and research scientists will be given in simultaneous translation (German <> English), and offer new knowledge and field reports on various aspects of industrial parts and surface cleaning, as well as on innovative developments in cleaning technology. Admission to the Industry Forum is free of charge for visitors attending parts2clean.


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