Optera Launches Outreach Module to Accelerate Supply Chain Decarbonization

New capabilities help companies gain comprehensive Scope 3 data coverage, provide tailored guidance to activate suppliers


BOULDER, Colo.  – Optera, a leader in ESG and carbon management software, today launched its Outreach module to help companies efficiently collect data from suppliers at all phases of emissions-reporting readiness. As part of Optera’s Supply Chain Manager solution, the new module will help drive decarbonization across companies’ value chains.

Leveraging Optera’s database of over 10,000 supplier emissions disclosures, Supply Chain Manager provides immediate baseline coverage of a company’s scope 3 footprint. The Outreach module then enables teams to collaborate with their suppliers to fill in the remaining gaps through three guided pathways:

● Report: For mature suppliers that have already calculated their carbon footprints to report granular, facility-level emissions data, verification status and targets.

● Calculate: For mid-maturity suppliers to calculate their scope 1 and 2 emissions by inputting their energy consumption data.

● Estimate: For low-maturity suppliers to estimate their emissions based on facility details and industry averages.

“As the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions for many companies, supply chain emissions create massive risks and opportunities in transitioning to the low-carbon economy,” said Tim Weiss, CEO and co-founder of Optera. “Optera’s Outreach module enhances a company’s scope 3 data coverage, enabling comprehensive visibility across all levels of supplier maturity for setting science-based targets, identifying reduction levers, and engaging suppliers as true partners in sustainability efforts.”

The Outreach module also provides sustainability education and clear guidance to support suppliers on their decarbonization journeys. Data flows seamlessly from the Outreach module into Optera’s Supply Chain Manager, allowing teams to pinpoint high-impact opportunities and prioritize engagement strategies across their value chains.

“Companies have ambitious net zero targets and work with suppliers at many different stages of development and sophistication,” said Weiss. “The ability to close data gaps, calculate scope 3 emissions with fidelity, and increase supplier maturity gives our customers a high degree of confidence in the progress they’re making toward ESG goals.”

The Outreach module is currently available as an additional module for Optera’s Supply Chain Manager. To learn more about Optera’s solutions, visit opteraclimate.com.




About Optera

Optera is the carbon management software for bold climate action. Built on decades of sustainability expertise, Optera helps corporations worldwide reduce their environmental impact by providing credible carbon accounting for Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, actionable insights and forecasts, and tools to collaborate with supply chain and investment partners. Our clients lead many of the world’s most established and ambitious corporate sustainability programs, from Dell and HPE to Grove Collaborative and Williams-Sonoma. Optera also partners with leading NGOs such as BSR, CDP, and the World Economic Forum to advance corporate ESG practices globally. Optera is registered as a Public Benefit Corporation in the State of Delaware.

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