Not The Reading Room – COVID-19 Response

Not The Reading Room – COVID-19 Response

Strange days indeed! Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is completely dominating the headlines, so we’re shifting this Friday slot to focus on that topic. Everyone has their own source for numbers, so we won’t cover that. We will try to cover what it all means for the industry.

Yes, we are still in the fast-moving news cycle that is COVID-19, but this week there is an increasing amount of debate around ‘getting back to work’ and what the recovery and future might look like. As always, this topic was front and center in The Supply Chain Bunker, co-hosted by Dave Evans, Fictiv’s CEO. Today’s guests we Philip DeSimone of Carbon and Bryan Painter of Markforged focusing on the role of additive manufacturing. It was a great debate and it’s worth checking out if you didn’t attend. Also, worth reading are the COVID-19 responses of both Carbon and Markforged.

Video of the week: This last two weeks I’ve been talking to EMS executives in a series called EMS@C-LEVEL. Check them out on

Webinar of the weeks: In lockdown, these feel more valuable than ever. There are two new episodes of The Eric Miscoll Show scheduled, the first next Wednesday, May 6th with Carl Hung of Season Group and Elliot Shev of Sumitronics. Then on May 20th with Chintan Sutaria of CalcuQuote and Don Akery of TTI Inc..

Also coming up is a webinar entitled “Building Supply Chain Resiliency” on May 12th with MacroFab and Fictiv CEOs discussing the role of manufacturing platforms in creating more agile and resilient supply chains.

And that’s the SCOOP for this week. Stay safe, talk to friends, ask for help. Your network has never been more valuable!!