Nordson ASYMTEK’s Qadence™ Closed-loop Flow Control Automatically Compensates for Viscosity Changes during Conformal Coating

Carlsbad, CA, USA – Nordson ASYMTEK, a Nordson company (NASDAQ: NDSN) and global leader in dispensing, jetting, and coating equipment and technology, introduces Qadence™, a closed-loop system that automatically compensates for viscosity changes during conformal coating. This innovative system combines the capabilities of Nordson ASYMTEK’s conformal coating hardware and software to selectively apply coating to specific areas of a circuit board consistently throughout production. The Qadence flow control system maintains stable fluid application, flow rates, and performance by automatically compensating for viscosity changes related to temperature, humidity, and batch-to-batch variation. It eliminates the need for frequent operator adjustments and downtime to recalibrate the process.

The Qadence flow control system ensures the quality of the coating application with set process limits to achieve target flow rates and precise application volumes. After process limits are set, target flow rates are continuously monitored for adherence throughout production. If the process falls outside precise application volumes, a control routine (patent pending) is activated to make corrective adjustments – reducing downtime and limiting operator intervention. The flow meter and tighter resolution result in accurate and tighter process controls. Traceability is built in as data and measurements are tracked and can be exported and evaluated by SPC software.

Qadence software is easy to use and implement. After the user enters process parameters and sets other performance limits, the Flow Calculator in Nordson ASYMTEK’s EasyCoat® 6 software quickly calculates the target flow rate. A normal 1-hour setup can be completed in 30 minutes and a 30-minute setup in less than 10 minutes. Each valve is separately controlled. Matching flow rates between applicators enables similar valve performance when changing valves or across two valves in a single application.

Automated process controls increase machine up-time and throughput and reduce the cost of operation. When flow rates are optimized, more precise volumes are dispensed and less fluid is wasted. Improved coating accuracy and reliability reduce the need for masking and rework.

The Qadence system is compatible with the Select Coat® SL-940 conformal coating system, EasyCoat 6 software, and Nordson ASYMTEK conformal coating applicators.

“The conformal coating fluid selected for a particular process is important,” explained Camille Sybert, product marketing engineer, Nordson ASYMTEK, “but the system that dispenses that coating is what maximizes coating performance. The manufacturing environment rarely remains constant, with temperature and humidity changes affecting the viscosity of the fluid. Nordson ASYMTEK’s new Qadence flow control system ensures that the fluid is dispensed at the flow rate intended for best coverage and stabilizes the conformal coating process.”

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