Spectra/Nexar posts July EDDI Report

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For the past two years, consumers of electronic components have experienced widespread component scarcity.  Industry stakeholders have spent non-trivial time speculating and wondering when the market will shift. This month’s Electronic Design to Delivery Index (EDDI) shows significant movement in supply and demand signals that suggest market conditions are evolving and fluid.

Here are a few of the trends that can be found in this month’s EDDI:

  • The Industry Supply Index rose significantly in July 2022, which is its biggest increase in over two years, approaching its January 2020 baseline level.
  • Industry demand has stabilized or begun to fall over the past several months in some commodity categories, with supply and demand moving in opposite directions.
  • Supply for Integrated Circuits continued increasing in July 2022, including supply of Microcontrollers which had remained stubbornly low with 20 consecutive months of decline.
  • Supply of some components (RF Receivers & Transceivers) has increased at its largest rates on record. Supply of passives has continued increasing and has made new all-time highs.


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