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Koh Young Technology’s KSMART Solution Harnesses the Power of True Connectivity

Under the slogan “Your Partner for Smart Factory Realization”, Koh Young Technology will highlight its comprehensive KSMART Industry 4.0 solution in booth 377 of hall A2 at Productronica from 14-17 November. Several features within KSMART are powered by the new Koh Young IP (Intelligent Platform). This innovation helps customers understand and optimize the production process by managing process data from all connected SPI and AOI systems – KSMART is the foundation for a Smart Factory.

Efficient Line Maintenance
Using the true 3D measurement data generated during inspection, connected Koh Young SPI and AOI systems provide superior results compared to other inspection methods. KSMART, the world’s first measurement-based process analysis solution, leverages true 3D measurement data to help manufacturers operate lines more efficiently. For example, the LM@KSMART (Library Manager) module simultaneously deploys stored programs and inspection conditions across multiple lines to enhance productivity and data integrity with consistent performance. Operators can further improve line maintenance with other features like RTM@KSMART (Real Time Monitoring), whereby the system instantly displays relevant process parameters to remote locations for immediate analysis and action.

Complete Line Communication
Manufacturers need to know the condition of the lines – anytime, anywhere. KSMART provides this connection and brings simplicity to inspection analysis. SPC@KSMART (Statistical Process Control) provides a straightforward visualization of real-time production and inspection results, including configurable charts for user-specific parameters. Moreover, Link@KSMART optimizes the production process by consolidating the SPI and AOI inspection results to define correlations between the distinct processes.

Autonomous Process Optimization
Harnessing the power of the Koh Young IP (Intelligent Platform), KSMART extends well beyond simple automated adjustments. KSMART autonomously renders complex process optimization decisions typically reserved for dedicated process engineers. In short, it is a quantum leap towards the realization of a Smart Factory. The modular platform is designed for future growth and expansion, so when Koh Young releases new modules, the manufacturer can implement the upgrades easily anytime.

Koh Young Technology is leading the effort to harness the power of connectivity and create a smart factory. For instance, its KSMART Process Optimizer (KPO) includes three interlinking software modules that exercise complex algorithms to develop closed-loop process recommendations. Additionally, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) connectivity drives the smart factory vision one step further by enabling automatic SMT line maintenance. Finally, working with its printer and mounter partners, Koh Young has developed the network tools to connect with multiple suppliers and facilitate communication across the entire PCBA line.

As the absolute No.1 market and technology leader, Koh Young is using its IP (Intelligent Platform) to achieve its vision with a focus on next-generation cooperative efforts that expand process capabilities and factory performance. To this end, the company has established three additional R&D centers worldwide to facilitate a quantum leap in technological leadership and competitiveness. Koh Young can apply the IP (Intelligent Platform) to its current areas of expertise, while paving the way for new markets and industries beyond SMT.