Newly Updated ECIA EIGP 114.2018 Labeling Specification Released

Atlanta, GA – During the second half of 2018, ECIA’s Global Industry Practices Council (GIPC) chartered its Subject Matter Expert Group (SMEG) for Logistics Services, led by Tony Lindgren, Manager of Process Improvement from Digi-Key Electronics, to conduct an electronic component industry review of ECIA EIGP 114 2016, Labeling Specification for Product and Shipment Identification in the Electronics Industry – 2D Barcode (Including Human Readable and 1D Barcode). The intent was to modernize the specification, expand input from global users and continue implementation across all regions with manufacturers and distributors and ultimately delivering these standardization benefits to the end customer.

The Logistics Services SMEG consisted of 24 companies, comprising manufacturers and distributors, along with Bar Code Graphics, Inc., a leading company in labeling technology. Representatives from these organization worked together across the value stream by focusing on areas ranging from Voice of the Customer exercises, to revising language within the specification. The group’s efforts yielded the newly updated ECIA EIGP 114.2018 specification which is now available and can be downloaded at

Please contact Don Elario at for more information on the GIPC and their SMEGs.

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