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New Whitepaper on HR in Supply Chain and Manufacturing Available for Download

Everett, Washington – A whitepaper specifically for manufacturers and companies specializing in supply chain in every industry titled “2022 Trends & Forecasts: Human Resources in Supply Chain & Manufacturing, How Industry 4.0 Will Play Out”is now available. Authored by manufacturing and supply chain insiders from Whirlpool, General Motors, Alcoa, General Mills and Boston Consulting Group, a free PDF is available at TeamSense or on LinkedIn.

In the midst of The Great Resignation and labor crisis, the report focuses on how the technology sector can better equip manufacturing HR functions to better communicate with deskless, hourly worker teams to retain and recruit crucial team members. Six trends are featured, each with usable key takeaways and include:

  • HR Tech To Enhance the Employee Experience
  • “Anti-Technology” and the Power Shift in the Employee / Employer Relationship
  • Employee-Centric Workplaces: The Art of Good Feelings
  • Engaging and Retaining the Hourly Worker
  • Meeting the Needs of the New Generations of Hourly Workers
  • Talent Retention in a Post-Pandemic World

The whitepaper was authored by two female manufacturing specialists who have worked with the multi-billion industrial technology conglomerate, Fortive. Sheila Stafford is a Duke University Engineer, alum of General Motors, Whirlpool and now CEO of the premier HR tech for manufacturing, TeamSense. Alison Teegarden is a Stanford and Harvard Business School MBA whose manufacturing background hails from China. The third voice comes from supply chain MBA expert, Eric Welke, whose background includes global logistics at Alcoa and manufacturing at General Mills.

“Manufacturing 4.0 started on the manufacturing floor,” said co-author, Sheila Stafford, “but it has yet to reach the human resources aspect of a business, which, let’s face it, are the backbone and currency of any business. The pandemic deeply affected hourly workers in many ways, most of all cutting away critical communication channels between them and their employers. The fallout of these last two years has created a power shift between employee and employer, details of which we’ve presented in this white paper. I hope it will empower the industry to bring Industry 4.0 beyond the manufacturing floor into the ethos of every manufacturer out there.”

About TeamSense: TeamSense is the leading app-free, text-based digital platform developed to connect hourly workers. Created by manufacturing veterans whose understanding of what keeps a factory running makes it the #1 choice for multinational employers from Hunter Douglas to Pella Windows. Based in Everett, Washington, TeamSense is wholly owned by Fortive, a leader in industrial technology.

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