New SEMI Mentoring Program Aims to Groom Next Generation of Innovators

By Cristina Sandoval

SEMI has launched a mentoring program that pairs seasoned industry professionals with university students and professionals wanting to advance their careers. The program is designed to help tackle the semiconductor industry’s workforce shortfall and groom the next generation of innovators. Under the program, SEMI members with years of professional experience share their knowledge with developing talent and help build their professional networks as they embark on their careers in the microelectronics industry.

As the microelectronics manufacturing industry faces increasing challenges in recruiting, training and retaining a diverse pool of highly skilled talent to sustain the remarkable pace of innovation globally, SEMI has made workforce development a top strategic priority. Globally, the industry is confronted with more than 10,000 job vacancies.

To help build the workforce of the future, SEMI has rolled out industry-wide programs to address a chief reason for the workforce shortage – increasing competition from other technology sectors. The initiatives include enhancing industry awareness of the industry’s critical need for talent, increasing the representation of women, and supporting young professionals and university students soon to be making important career decisions. The new SEMI Mentoring Program builds on those initiatives by guiding the next generation of innovators.

With mentoring a proven method to develop talent, SEMI has contracted with Chronus – an experienced provider of a software mentoring platform tailored to support the SEMI Mentoring Program.

SEMI Mentoring Program: Roles and Responsibilities

  • This is a formal relationship in which mentors guide mentees in their professional development.
  • The mentor will answer questions and take a personal interest in, guide, encourage, and support the mentee. The mentor will meeting monthly with the mentee and follow up as needed.
  • The mentee will set up the first meeting to discuss professional goals, topics he or she would like to cover and timing for subsequent.
  • Both mentor and mentee will commit to remain connected for at least six months.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How are meetings conducted?

A: Mentors and mentees can meet face-to-face or virtually, but should meet for a minimum of one hour once a month for six months.

Q: How are goals set?

A: The mentor and the mentee agree on goals during their first meeting. The mentee is responsible for arranging meetings, preparing the agendas, and any other pre-meeting work. This will ensure that the discussions touch on the topics that matter most to the mentees.

Q: What happens once the six months are up?

A: You can continue an unofficial relationship if both parties agree, or you can search for a new mentor or mentee by reapplying through your mentor profile.

Q: What is SEMI’s role?

A: SEMI is here to help match you based off your preferences, facilitate the relationship, provide materials to guide your experience, and help resolve any program or platform related issues.


Q: What are the program eligibility requirements for mentors?

A: A mentor must be an employee of a SEMI member organization with a minimum of five years’ professional experience to mentor a university student, or seven years’ professional experience to mentor a developing professional.

Q: What are program eligibility requirements for mentees?

A: Developing Professional Program

  • Developing professional, 0-7 years in their career
  • Employed by a SEMI member organization

University Program

  • At minimum, a rising junior enrolled in a university program (students through PhD level accepted)
  • Completing a STEM major
  • Within 6 months of graduation if currently out of school and seeking employment
  • Preferred: Interest in the microelectronics industry

Q: Why be a mentee?

A: Learn from an experienced industry professional and accelerate your professional development.

Q: Why be a mentor?

A: Being a mentor will allow you to grow as a leader while giving you the rewarding experience of guiding someone’s growth path firsthand.

Join us in shaping the future of our industry by becoming a mentor or mentee. Sign up here!

For more information about the program, please contact Cristina Sandoval, manager of Workforce Development, at