New Microelectronics and Advanced Packaging Roadmap Guides U.S. Electronics Ecosystem

IPC, part of MAPT Roadmap Extended Executive Committee provides data on next generation advanced packaging, materials, substrates, and supply chain future needs


BANNOCKBURN, Ill., USA – IPC, in collaboration with other industry organizations and representatives from academia and government celebrate the release of the Semiconductor Research Corporation’s (SRC) Microelectronics and Advanced Packaging Technologies (MAPT) Roadmap.

The MAPT Roadmap extends the work of SRC’s and Semiconductor Industry Association’s (SIA) 2030 Decadal Plan for Semiconductors. The Decadal Plan identified five seismic shifts in the industry related to smart sensing, memory and storage, communication, security, and energy efficient computing. The MAPT Roadmap summarizes the key drivers of technology progress, provides guidance for how to achieve the technical challenges outlined in the Decadal Plan, and strategizes for developing the workforce required to realize the promises of these innovations. These advances build upon breakthroughs in advanced packaging, 3D monolithic and 2.5D/3D heterogeneous integration, electronic design automation, analog and mixed signal processing, nanoscale manufacturing, new materials, photonics and MEMS integration, and energy-efficient computing.

SRC Chief Scientist and Director of the MAPT Roadmap, Dr. Victor Zhirnov, commented, “The commitment demonstrated by such a wide array of scientists, engineers, and researchers to the development and production of the MAPT Roadmap indicates the importance of such an effort.”

The MAPT Roadmap is framed around fundamental and practical limits of information and communications technology sustainability: energy, environmental, and workforce sustainability. “SRC has been and continues to be a tremendous resource for semiconductor R&D and workforce development. The MAPT Roadmap directly supports the CHIPS and Science Act, led by the U.S. Department of Commerce, in efforts to develop a robust domestic ecosystem,” remarked Dr. Todd Younkin, president and CEO of SRC.

Added Matt Kelly, IPC chief technology officer and vice president of technology solutions and co-chair of roadmap chapter 8 committee on materials, substrates, and supply chain, “The MAPT Roadmap, a critically important effort, will guide the next decade of microelectronic needs and advancements. As the U.S. electronics sector faces significant challenges within the global market, it is crucial to develop strategies that foster growth, innovation, and competitiveness across this vital global industry – this roadmap provides this vision.”

Visit to download MAPT Roadmap.

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