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IDC Report Reveals 56% of Asia/Pacific* Employees Want Flexible Work Even Beyond the Pandemic

SINGAPORE– The last two years of the COVID-19 pandemic have forced many organizations to operate fully remotely. As the pandemic subsides and promising signs of economic recovery, many companies are contemplating a safe return to office and hybrid work. However, business leaders struggle to understand what employees want and how to support them to do their jobs productively. IDC recently published an IDC Future of Work Employee Perspectives Survey for Asia/Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ), which provides insights for companies to understand their workforce and how to accommodate them to ensure the best productivity and business continuity.

“Great resignation is the latest buzzword. As employees reassess their current employment, talent retention is a top business agenda item for organizations. To successfully compete and thrive in the labor market and retain the best talent, organizations need to deliver enhanced employee experience – one that focuses on providing flexibility, well-being and safety of employees, and building a more empowered and motivated workforce,” says Deepan Pathy, Senior Research Manager for Future of Work Practice, IDC Asia/Pacific.

Flexibility and sustained productivity continue to be the strongest sentiment in the region. IDC reveals that more than 56% of the employees in Asia/Pacific* want flexible work with options to work both in the office and remotely, even beyond the pandemic. Furthermore, IDC data shows that more than 70% of the employees said their productivity was higher or at least at the same level compared to pre-pandemic.

Despite a sustained productivity for many while working remotely, IDC’s latest survey reveals that Asia/Pacific* employees felt they needed to overcome various technological challenges around access, tools, apps, data, and networks. The top five technologies that employees believe will support their productivity include: moving data and applications to the cloud, collaboration tools, connectivity/broadband solutions, 5G connectivity, and on-demand IT support.

Health and safety are among the top concerns for Asia/Pacific* employees when returning to the office, most companies across all industries are mandating vaccination for their employees. However, vaccination mandate alone is not enough for a safe return to office; companies need to rethink and replan their office spaces to ensure they meet employee needs for health and wellbeing. Smart office technologies such as temperature sensing, upgraded ventilation, contactless sensors, touchless fixtures, robotic cleaning, and smart meeting room management are some examples that can facilitate a safer office environment.

All these insights are detailed in full in the IDC report, Return to Office and Hybrid Work: What Employers Need to Know (#AP47382721), which provides additional detail and context about the survey data on employees’ perspectives on a range of topics such as work style preferences, top technologies to support hybrid work, concerns regarding a safe return to the office. To know about this report, please contact Deepan Pathy or your IDC account manager.

For media inquiries, please contact Tessa Rago  or Alvin Afuang

*Asia/Pacific excluding Japan

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