NCAB Group Announces Departure of Elmatica CEO

PCB Supplier NCAB Group today announces the departure of Elmatica CEO Didrik Bech. 

Printed Circuit Broker Elmatica was acquired by NCAB Group in October 2021.


“We thank Didrik for the unprecedented work environment, passion and knowledge he has contributed with over the last ten years, which NCAB will continue to build and develop. I am impressed by Didriks leadership and strategic development of Elmatica together with its Officer Group”, says CEO NCAB Group Peter Kruk.

Didrik Bech has served as CEO of Elmatica since 2011, during his tenure the company has taken a global position, focusing on a cooperative work environment for colleagues and all its partners. This has been secured by a focus on transparency, dialogue and trust backed by highly qualified and motivated like-minded people. As the initial integration phase with NCAB now is concluding, it’s time for Bech to step down.

“It has been a privilege, and I will forever be grateful for the honor bestowed upon me by my colleagues, allowing me to be their representative for more than 10 years. I am filled with gratitude and respect for all the moments and discussions I have had the pleasure of being involved in, by my colleagues and partners in the industry. Together we have created solutions, moments of laughter and joy and found friendships an ocean can never divide”, says Bech.

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