Movie Monday: EMS@ C-Level – Philip Stoten and Didrik Bech, CEO Elmatica

Celebrating 50 years in electronics, Elmatica is the oldest PCB broker in the world and is trusted by numerous companies to mange their PCB supply chain. In a world where one supply chain disruption seems to follow another, having a partner that’s got your back in terms of sourcing would seem pretty smart. Elmatica’s CEO Didrik Bech was in Wuhan at the beginning of last year, so we started by exploring his and Elmatica’s experience then and throughout the pandemic. We also explored the role of sustainability, the development of more sophisticated supply chain tools and the importance of cybersecurity in the supply chain.
EMS@C-Level is sponsored in 2021 by global inspection leader Koh Young ( and Manufacturing Autonomy Specialist CloudNC (

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