Movie Monday: Cybord and Luminovo CEOs Explore AI on The EMS (Eric Miscoll Show) – October 2022

Can AI make EMS Smarter? That’s the question posed by co-hosts Eric Miscoll and Philip Stoten and they explore the role of artificial intelligence in EMS with two startup using the successfully the technology. Zeev Efrat is CEO of Cybord, who are using AI to provide zero-trust component traceability for OEMs and EMS companies and Sebastian Schaal is CEO of Luminovo, who are using AI to streamline and accelerate the quoting and new product introduction phase of manufacturing. Together the panel explore the opportunities and limitations of AI, digging into the different kinds of AI, the ability of AI to sort through huge amount of data in real time, the trajectory of AI technology and the potential dividend of using AI in an EMS environment.

This episode of The EMS (Eric Miscoll Show) is sponsored by global inspection leader Koh Young (

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