Model N Announces Strategic Partnership with Impartner to Help Customers Enhance Partner Experience and Achieve Efficiencies

Joint offering supports partner engagement, revenue, and profitability for high-tech manufacturers

Model N, Inc. (NYSE: MODN), a leader in revenue optimization and compliance, today announced a new strategic partnership with Impartner, a leading partner relationship management (PRM) provider. With the integration of Model N and Impartner’s platforms, high-tech companies can manage, optimize, and accelerate every aspect of indirect sales motions.

The Model N and Impartner integration pairs high-tech manufacturing revenue optimization and compliance needs with a single ecosystem channel experience platform to improve operational processes around revenue management, partner incentives, and rebates. Key elements include accessing pricing, channel quoting, design registrations, ship and debit, and incentives such as rebates and market development funds.

“Working with Impartner, an award-winning PRM provider, brings Model N and Impartner unparalleled capabilities for our joint customers,” said Gloria Kee, Vice President of Product Management at Model N. “Users can access the entire enhanced channel and revenue management platform in a single location, which allows for a unified partner experience for our customers.” In Model N’s recent 2023 Forrester Opportunity Snapshot titled “Leverage Data Management Solutions to Connect and Drive Channel Revenue,” high-tech executives reported that a unified channel partner portal would be extremely valuable to their organization’s revenue management processes. The Model N and Impartner partnership enables manufacturers to identify opportunities, inconsistencies, and the ability to enrich valuable information, a proven industry pain point.

In addition, users can conduct point-of-sale data cleansing and leverage Model N’s Channel Data Management (CDM) solution to optimize revenue and drive compliance through quotes, contracts, channel management, and incentive programs, including sales and marketing related activities to manage volume and inventory. High-tech distributors and manufacturers can access and use these capabilities for optimizing the partner journey.

“When companies reach key revenue milestones, they often consider their partnership program’s potential – and as the program grows, so does the complexity. Our partnership with Model N simplifies the revenue optimization and compliance aspects of the program management into a centralized workplace, enabling flawless operational expansion,” said Gary Sabin, Vice President of Product Management at Impartner.

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