MicroCare Chemist Recognized For Pursuit of Excellence in Surface Finishing

Products Finishing has named MicroCare techincial project chemist Venesia Hurtubise in their annual 40 Under 40 leadership group, recognizing her as a rising star in the finishing industry.

Venesia joins the class of 2019 which includes the most talented young chemists, engineers, professors, business development managers, general managers, quality control specialists and company presidents. As a technical chemist at MicroCare Corporation, a leading manufacturer of critical cleaning, coating and lubrication products, Venesia is instrumental in developing new and innovative chemical formulations to help metalworking customers debind, clean and dry metal parts better, faster and safer.

Elizabeth Norwood, MicroCare Senior Chemist said: “Venesia deserves recognition for her work. Not only is she an exceptional chemist, company representative, student and colleague, but she should also be viewed as an outstanding product finishing industry leader.  She is an advisor to many of us here at MicroCare and to others within the industry itself.”

Currently Venesia has three pending patents for new high-performance cleaning fluids engineered to meet strict global environmental regulations. The new fluids are helping customers replace their legagcy solvents that can create air quality and groundwater issues. 

“Since joining MicroCare in 2014, Venesia has worked on the research and development of new modern cleaning fluid alternatives to nPB and TCE,” explained Norwood

“Environmental regulations are changing the way in which companies work. Thanks to Venesia and the MicroCare team, companies can successfully switch from solvents such as n-propyl bromide, trichloroethylene and perchloroethylene to modern fluorinated solvents that can deliver the same, if not better cleaning results.

“Venesia works closely with our lab team to advise customers on the best combination of process and cleaning fluid to effectively clean and dry metal parts without damaging the substrate. She is very deserving of this recognition.”

Having studied at the University of New Haven in Connecticut, Venesia then went on to Imperial College in London where she earned a BS degree in Chemistry and Forensic Science and an MS degree in Green Chemistry. She currently is attending UConn law school, studying intellectual property and environmental law.